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How Does Question Feedback work in relation to Assignment Policies?

The feedback students get while answering questions (including multi-part) is based on the way instructors have set up their policies. See the attached screenshots for a complete explanation

  • Christine Moore
  • Feb 3 2016
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    26 Feb, 2016 09:16pm

    What about when there are 3 attempts given and the answer is set to show after the 3rd attempt? I have an account that wants the students to be able to see the answers marked wrong in their 1st 2 attempts, but it doesn't. Immediate feedback in enabled.  From the student's mouth: "while I like how it presents the course material it does not however directly tell you if your answers are correct when completing the homework assignments until after submitting the 3rd attempt and just to make sure I wasn't missing something I corresponded with somebody from the company and they were able to confirm. If this is something that I am just going to have to work around then that is fine but I was just curious as to if you knew this because then that would defeat the purpose of having 3 attempts."