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What are “Assignment References” and how do instructors set them?

  • Assignment References are files that instructors can upload to their class and attach to assignments. They can be anything that the instructor wishes to share with the class that helps to describe the parameters of the assignment, or the way that students will be graded. Assignment References have no impact on the workflow for completing assignments, and have no impact on student grades – they are simply file attachments that provide more information. Common examples are grading rubrics for essay or discussion questions, or school policies on cheating -- even a video message from the instructor.
  • To add an Assignment Reference, an instructor can go to “Resources” > “My Resources”. In the My Resources area, the instructor selects “+Upload Resource” and in the process of adding the resource, they just click the box “Reserved for assignment reference”. Once they have added a resource and reserved it as a assignment reference, that resource will then be in the list of Grading Policies to be added when assigning an item.
  • Luke Curtin
  • Jun 25 2015
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