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Can I change how many points an ORION assignment is worth in Learning Space?

  • You can’t. ORION Assignments in Learning Space are always by default worth 100 points, and the point value can’t be changed. The score is the student proficiency while working at the assignment. So, as a student while working on my ORION assignment, if my assignment proficiency is 66%, I will receive a score of 66/100. Instructors can modify this by using the Grading Thresholds when assigning ORION. They can also can modify the weighting of ORION assignments in their gradebook by using Gradebook Weighting. They can apply a weighting to any of the default Gradebook Weightages, and then apply that weighting setting to their ORION assignments. This will make sure that the instructor has complete control of the value and contribution of ORION assignments to students’ overall score.
  • Luke Curtin
  • Jun 25 2015
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