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When can policies be deleted and updated?

  1. Policy sets, once created can only be edited up to the point where they are applied to an assignment.
  2. The policy set in use for an assignment can only be changed to a different policy set up to the point where at least one student has started the assignment.
  3. Policy sets are attached to the instructor, and are available in all class sections for that instructor. Once a policy has been applied to an assignment, the policy set can no longer be edited. There is a known issue where if the instructor changes the policy set in use on an assignment, and that policy set is no longer in use on any assignment, the policy set will not revert back to its original state of not in use (which would allow them to edit or delete it). However, the policy set can be copied, renamed, and edited. If an instructor adds an assignment, and they decide they want to change the policy set in use, they can only do so up until the point where students have accessed the assignment. Once the assignment has been started by at least one student, instructors can no longer change the policy set in use for that assignment.
  • Luke Curtin
  • Jun 25 2015
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