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Why is the assignment process for ORION questions and Reading Assignments different than setting up a regular assignment? Why is there a different workflow for these types of assignments?

Learning Activities in WPLS (similar to Reading Assignments in WPe4) are assigned through the eTextbook and Study Plan in WPLS. The reason why Learning Activities are assigned through the eTextbook and Study Plan is so that instructors can engage with the content that they want to assign. We want instructors to be more actively engaged in all of the great resources and information that we have added to the eTextbook, so having instructors assign those items directly from the eTextbook makes sense. They are operating in the context that they wish to create assignments in. If instructors don't look at the eTextbook to make Learning Activities, they might miss out on some great things that they can use that they may not have known were there!

  • Luke Curtin
  • Sep 16 2015
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